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Hundreds of North Shore dog owners have joined the Social Revolution at DogHQ.
Here are just some of their stories...

Rebecca & Milou
Communications Manager, Rebecca Emery’s two year old black Labrador Milou is a much loved family member. Milou regularly accompanies Rebecca and husband Marc on their numerous outdoor adventures.
Rebecca looked at a number of dog day care options before she selected DogHQ.

“We both work long hours during the week and wanted to ensure that our dog was happy, exercised and safe during the day. Initially I visited and took a tour then Louise gave us a free half day trial, which was very successful. Milou started at DogHQ one day a week and then we increased it to two days, plus the odd overnight as she became older and more active.
“Price was not a factor in my decision to send Milou to dog day care. I was more interested in the staff, venue and my dog’s reaction to being there. I believe the value DogHQ offers is exceptional for a 6.30am-7pm service,” says Rebecca.
DogHQ has given Rebecca peace of mind knowing that Milou is well cared for during the day.
“I know Milou gets the love, affection and care that I would give her myself from all of the staff. She is extremely important to me; I count her as a family member. I would not leave her with just anyone.” says Rebecca.
“When she gets home from a full day at DogHQ she’s tired and sleeps contentedly all night."
“During her time at DogHQ, Milou has benefitted from socialising with all kinds of dogs, both big and small. Her increased confidence with other dogs has made her very social and easy to walk in public. When she was younger because she was lonely, Milou used to bark at home whilst we were at work. Since she started going to DogHQ twice a week she’s stopped barking,” says Rebecca.
Rebecca regularly recommends DogHQ to friends, family and colleagues. She’s taken people to visit so they can see for themselves what DogHQ offers.
Lynda & Toby
TestLynda Lynda Jones breeds Chihuahuas. She is the proud owner of two Chihuahuas Ellie and Toby. Five month old Toby was a very timid puppy and Lynda was concerned about his fear of bigger dogs and how this could potentially lead to other issues for him later in life.
“I wanted Toby to be able to socialise with other dogs from an early age. I’d heard about Dog HQ from one of my customers whose dog went to Dog HQ. I looked at their services on line and saw they offered a very good puppy development training programme with a one-on-one trainer, so decided to give it a go,” says Lynda.
Lynda looked at other dog day care facilities but selected DogHQ as there was a strong focus on puppy development.
“I knew Toby’s timidity could negatively affect his ability to socialise with other dogs, particularly when we’re out in the park on our daily walk. Giving him the opportunity to learn social skills in a controlled and supportive environment seemed like a good way to go,” says Lynda.
Lynda was so committed to improving Toby’s social skills and developing his confidence with other dogs that she happily drove from Remuera to DogHQ twice a week for six weeks!
“It’s great to see Toby become the confident, happy little dog I knew he could be. He’s learnt to socialise well with other dogs and not to be scared of those who are bigger than him. As we only have one other Chihuahua at home, it’s good for him to see other dogs that are bigger and not be scared of them. Being around other dogs and observing their behaviour and learning how to interact with them, has been very positive for Toby,” says Lynda.
So has the trek from Remuera to Glenfield been worthwhile? Lynda certainly thinks so.
“The puppy socialisation programme has worked wonders for Toby, he’s very happy and so am I. We would definitely recommend DogHQ to other owners who have pets that need positive socialisation. The staff at DogHQ are very caring and are wonderful with all the dogs,” Lynda commented.
Jessica & Lily
Birkenhead resident, Jessica Nott enjoys complete peace of mind knowing her much loved pet, Husky Lily is well looked after by DogHQ. Working full-time, before she discovered the benefits of DogHQ, Jess would leave Lily at home on her own during the day.
Two year old Lily had been living up to her breed’s reputation as a super active dog. Unfortunately when left alone, Lily often relieved her boredom by destroying furniture and other household goods.

“Lily would get very upset when I left her home alone, and I was getting tired of coming home to a sea of devastation, so I started looking for a solution. I looked at one other dog day care centre, but DogHQ had the best feedback from other customers, and Louise was very helpful explaining what happened at DogHQ and how Lily would fit in,” says Jess.
Jess reports that Lily is happy and tired when she picks her up at the end of the day. All her energy has been used up socialising with the other dogs at DogHQ.
“She is also a lot calmer when we meet other dogs out on walks, which has been a really nice surprise. Overall Lily is much more sociable and friendly to other dogs. She’s also a great deal calmer all round when she’s at home,” says Jess.
Jess would happily recommend DogHQ to other dog owners, particularly those with very active dogs who need to socialise and be kept active in a controlled environment. She’s keen to emphasise that DogHQ is a great way to socialise your dog and keep them fit and happy.
Ian & Chieky
TestChieky2 Ian Galvan and his partner Myrtle invested a great deal of time and energy in finding the right dog day care for their Border Collie puppy Chieky. As a much loved member of the family, Ian and Myrtle wanted to make sure they did the right thing by Chieky, now aged eight months.
“We didn’t want Chieky to be alone during the day whilst we were both at work. Following a lot of research we decided the best solution would be to send Chieky to dog day care as she would be supervised and get to socialise with other dogs.” says Ian.
Ian and Myrtle assessed the dog day care options on offer. They were mindful of finding the right environment, with the right staff at a price they could afford. After a number of visits to different centres they selected DogHQ.
“Right from our first visit, the staff at DogHQ were very warm and welcoming. They happily answered all our questions about the facilities - how it works, what they do etc.
“We were attracted by the fact that the dogs are supervised 100% of the time. When we arrived at DogHQ we were impressed by the fact it wasn’t too rowdy. Some of the other centres we had visited were just too noisy, as if no one cared what the dogs were doing! DogHQ is located close to our home and work and the on-site grooming service is an added bonus for us too,” commented Ian.
Ian reports that the positive benefits for Chieky are numerous and include: learning to socialise positively with other dogs, exercising regularly, using up her excess energy in a positive way, and her confidence with other dogs and humans has grown too.
“For us we have the peace of mind knowing she’s not at home on her own bored and potentially destroying shoes and furniture. When we pick Chieky up at the end of the day, we enjoy her company more as she’s more relaxed, as she’s used up so much energy socialising with the other dogs.
“We’ve also noticed that she’s more attentive to our commands since she started attending DogHQ,” says Ian.
So would Ian and Myrtle recommend DogHQ to other dog owners?
“Absolutely, we already do. Whenever people ask why our dog is friendly and confident with other dogs, the only reason we give is that she spends all day, every day with dogs of all shapes and sizes at DogHQ,” says Ian.

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Having twice won the Customer Service section of the prestigious Westpac Auckland North Business Awards in 2012 and 2015, we pride ourselves on ensuring we provide a safe and loving dog day care environment for dogs of all breeds and ages.

From facility design to staff selection and training, your dog is top of our priority at all times.


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